Find a Church

No church is perfect, and we cannot guarantee that any specific church is right for you, but there are thousands of churches out there, and these guidelines should help narrow down your search.  Also, PRAY for God to lead you to the right church.  There may be some good churches which are not even listed on the internet.

Go to and search for churches near you.

To narrow down your search results to the churches which are typically the BEST churches, click the advanced search options button (the button with the gear symbol, next to the button with the magnifying glass), and check the boxes next to these options

Under “KJV position”, check:
“KJV preserved”
“KJV inspired”
(Long-story-short, those are the strongest stances on the authority of God’s English Bible.)

Under “Doctrines”, click the “More” button to reveal all the options, then check:
Estep”     (They are affiliated with Dr. Greg Estep’s Charity Baptist Bible Institute.)
Gipp”     (They are affiliated with Dr. Sam Gipp, a travelling preacher and author.)
Ruckman”     (They learned from Dr. Peter Ruckman, a dispensational pastor and author.)
Dispensational”     (That means they apply different parts of the Bible to the right people and time periods.)

The WORST churches have these doctrines (Avoid these churches like the plague):

“Post-Trib”   (They teach the dangerous false doctrine that the Church will be Raptured AFTER the “Tribulation.”)
“Mid-Acts Dispensational”     (They teach a perversion of dispensationalism.)
“Calvinist”    (They teach the heresies of John Calvin, who said God wants people to go to hell.)
“Sovereign Grace”   (That’s just a covert way of saying “Calvinist.”)
“Free Will”     (They teach the heresy that a Christian can “lose his salvation.”)

This church directory lists churches pastored by Pensacola Bible Institute graduates and other likeminded men: